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Have you ever thought to travel to wonderful places and return back home with a new smile?

This is possible! Kopp Dental Institute is one of the most renowned dental clinics in Brazil known for its innovative and prime dental procedures. The dental center is located in Curitiba where there are a plenty of tourist spots for you to sightsee while you are doing your dental treatment.

Our dental clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimize your dental treatment and get a faster result in a shorter frame time. Then, while you do your dental treatment in Brazil, you have more free time to visit different places and enjoy the hot weather of Brazil.


Perks of choosing Curitiba, PR - Brazil, for your dental treatment and tourism:

Brazil has natural beauty, exotic foods, lots of music, friendly, hospitable people and is recognized worldwide for excellence in dental treatments. Furthermore, the Brazilian currency against the dollar is very attractive due to the cost for Americans and Europeans.

And regard to the city where we are located, Curitiba - Paraná, besides to being the largest city in the southern region of Brazil, Curitiba is also a reference in quality of life, planning and urban mobility.

Famous for conservation areas, parks, forests, Curitiba does not deny its reputation as a green city and offers beautiful options for an outdoor walk. About cuisine, it is a city full of good flavors, with many Italian restaurants and cafes, there will be plenty of options to delight in the city.

The Kopp Institute

If you are looking for a treatment to change your smile, such as:

  • Renew your dental prosthesis;
  • Put on veneers or porcelain veneers;
  • Install dental implant with the most innovative technology in the world, developed by Dr. Gino Kopp, here is the right place.


  • Committed dentists
  • Comfortable environment
  • Team planning
  • Excellent location
  • Treatment optimization
  • Joy in renewing smiles
  • Exclusive treatments
  • Guarantee of treatment
  • Accessibility
  • Modern equipment
  • High quality materials
  • Digital 3D X-Ray

Our space


We have the most modern dental equipment, for comfort and agility in the treatment to our patients.

What is needed for initial evaluation?

In order to speed up your service and initial evaluation, it is necessary that you perform exams such as:

  • Panoramic rx;
  • Tomographic x-ray;
  • Intraoral scanning;
  • Intraoral and extraoral photos that can be taken here at the Kopp Institute itself.

We are always thinking about offering greater comfort and agility in treatments and innovating in new technologies to provide the best care to our patients!

  • We have a team focused on the importance and commitment of offering humanized care and care of maximum excellence to our patients.
  • We are located in the Cristo Rei neighborhood, close to the central region of the city and the main hotels and parks.
  • We have the latest technology in the equipment, advanced and updated techniques and 30 years of experience, offering the highest quality in our services.

We are waiting for you to transform your smile!